Yea, I finally have a blog again.  I sure have a lot to say, but I will try not to bore you like the other blog page o this site. Oops, I might get in trouble for that comment.  I may pay for that for a few days.  She knows I am really only joking, I hope.
Posted June 2017
There are so many things that have happened since I last had a chance to write on a blog, I really don't know where to start.  I believe the last post was when Ginny came back from Arizona looking like SHE had been in a cat fight or something.  Well things are all back to normal on that front, but wow there have been a lot of changes.  I guess the biggest one is she actually moved us without giving me any say in the matter.  Now you all know that I don't like change, and certainly don't like to be picked up and moved to a totally different place.  Well that is what happened.  Not only did she put me in that nasty box with a steel door, but when she let me out, she locked me in a bedroom and wouldn't let me out.  At least she put the litter box and my food and water in there, but I sure didn't like it.  The only thing good about it was there was a nice bed for me to crawl under so no one could come in and take me away again.
While I was hiding under the bed there was some pretty awful noise in the rest of the house.  The place wasn't totally strange to me since we were in the house for a week when Ginny had the shoulder surgery.  But that was a very long time ago, and I wasn't locked up in a room all by myself.  I heard lots of voices that I didn't recognize, and they seemed to be all over the house.  Since I didn't get a chance to checkout the place before they locked me away I couldn't tell what rooms they were in or what they were doing.  All I know is that I probably would have been hiding under the bed even if the door wasn't closed.  I sure don't like to be around when I don't understand what people are doing.
Well, things were really strange when they finally let me out of the room.  I made multiple trips following around the walls of all the rooms trying to get my bearings.  Wow this place is big compared to were we came from.  And the weirdest thing was some of the furniture I recognized as having been in the old place, but there was a lot of stuff that I had never seen before, or at least don't remember from when we spent the week here.  I don't quite understand what happened, but I LOVE the carpet.  I can run and my feet don't slide, and it is soooo soft to sleep on. I have found a different place to sleep every night.
One thing I don't like is that my window seat is gone.  I do not have a place were I can just hang out and watch what is going on outside.  There are a couple of places here that I might settle into after a while, but they sure are not as comfortable or as roomy.  I however will put up with that to have the couch and three nice chairs that I can lay in even if Ginny is in her chair.  
I have rattled on enough for this first post. I will try to include some pictures the next time I have an opportunity to post.  However, if you want to see some pictures of the place, you can go to Ginny's Blog page where she has posted a few of them.  I am off to take my mid morning nap so I will be up and ready to take my late morning nap before I grab a bit to eat for lunch and take my early after noon nap.
Talk to y'all later.

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